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The principles of conservatismpersonal empowerment, less government intrusion into private lives, a strong national defense, greater individual freedom & liberty, fiscal responsibility from our elected officials – make sense and work for all people, regardless of race or ethnicity.

The chasm between black (and brown) and conservative America is unhealthy for both sides, and at B& we are dedicated to helping bridge that gap. Our deepest desire is to aid in bringing both sides to a place of mutual understanding and respect.

Black America, we have got to change the way we operate. Automatically running to one political party and voting for its candidates and policies without so much as considering another is fundamentally flawed. Conservative America, we have got to change the way we operate. Where is the outreach, where and what is the message to ethnic minorities? Not making an effort to reach divergent groups is fundamentally flawed.

Fixing this divide will be neither fast nor easy, but we’ve got to start someplace, sometime. Why not here, why not now? If this makes sense, please join our cause – become a partner, subscribe to our newsletter, come to local events and visit this site often for news, updates and information.




The REAL Problem With Healthcare Insurance

Do you want to know the real problem with healthcare and healthcare “insurance” in this nation? It is yours and mine and everybody’s ATTITUDE towards it. The issue is one of mental c...

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I Went Off On a RANT

This week I once again presented the National Weekly Tea Party Address via the Tea Party News Network and I decided to tackle a topic head on that’s really been getting under my skin lately. Eve...

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“Conservative” vs. “Tea Party”

Friday morning during my usual guest-spot on my friend Randy Corporon’s radio show (Denver KLZ, am560 – if you haven’t tossed him a Like yet please do: Wake Up with Randy Corporon, I...

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