What do you do if you’re the Obama administration, your foreign policy toward nations with Muslim governments is at best incoherent, jihadist attacks are on the rise worldwide and your own homeland just suffered another attack in which 49 of your citizens were slaughtered? Why of course, you speed up your plans to get as many ‘refugees’ from Middle East Muslim nations into America as quickly as possible before your time in office reaches its end. Makes perfect sense, right? And the latest beneficiary of this human importation plan? Clearwater, Florida. Undeterred by the brutal Orlando massacre, Breitbart reports the Obama administration has already admittedRead More →

The “4th of July” is not a holiday. Any more than the “5th of July” is. They are dates on the calendar. The holiday we celebrate which falls on the 4th day of every July is America’s “Independence Day.” “Independence Day” is the holiday, yet over the years we’ve become conditioned to drop the name and instead refer to the date. Is it small? Is it subtle? Yes on both counts. But is it petty? Absolutely not. We live in a nation wherein our leadership just changed the Oath of Allegiance (legal) immigrants to our nation must take so as to exclude the former requirementRead More →

Quick, name someone smarter than the founders of America and crafters of our Constitution and system of self-governance. No names come to mind? Here’s one – David Cohen. Who’s David Cohen, one might ask? Mr. Cohen is a liberal “constitutional scholar” and a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine. In its latest issue Mr. Cohen has come right out and said what so many libs truly want to – it’s time to completely repeal the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Titled “Why It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment,” Cohen opens his ‘insightful’ column with this nugget, “I teach the Constitution for a living. IRead More →

A famous leader once said, “When your words and your actions disagree, your words become meaningless.” When it comes to Barak Obama’s words completely void of corresponding actions, few federal agencies can equal the Veteran’s Administration. As a candidate, in the early days of his first term in office and continuing to this day Obama repeats the mantras of “our veterans deserve the best” and “we’re going to fix the VA.” Of course he’s right, our vets do deserve better and we do need to fix the VA. There’s just one problem, there are no actions to back up the tough talk. In fact, underRead More →

Nearly a year ago to the day, on June 15 of last year, the deranged Dylan Roof entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina, opened fire and killed 9 people, all of them black Americans. Not fifty. Nine. Shortly after that tragic massacre, photos began surfacing on the internet of Roof with a Confederate flag. Once those pictures began circulating, the left in America lost its collective mind. People began defacing statutes and other historic monuments, in the face of relentless pressure some such monuments –pieces that speak to the actual history of our nation– were taken down. The government of theRead More →

Just when you think California can’t possibly move any farther out into looney land, can’t possibly pass any laws more nonsensical, anti-family, anti-business, anti-sanity – the Golden State manages to do it again. California has pushed throughProposition 47, a law which basically says it’s okay to steal so long as you don’t swipe stuff worth more than $950. Dubbed the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act” which is akin to calling a law legalizing speeding in school zones the “Keeping Kids Safer on Sidewalks Act.” Prop 47 made it onto the November 2014 ballot in California via a well-funded (by George Soros) marketing campaign centering aroundRead More →

Barack Obama and leadership of the liberal movement see the nations of western Europe as better than American culture in many ways. They’re more enlightened, more accepting of alternative lifestyles, more concerned with Mother Earth, etc. From wanting to crowd us into tiny cars to spending billions on trains and forcing through as much socialistic policy as possible, it shows up all the time. The nations of Europe are now mostly pagan. Church attendance throughout the EU is abysmal. Christian institutions such as marriage, baptism, etc. are becoming things of the past. Arthur C. Brooks chronicled the death of Christianity in Europe in his excellentRead More →

The (not so) widely reported truths about the crown jewel of the green-energy movement’s advance, the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility, and its proclivity for frying birds mid-flight have begun to seep out. And now in a bit of poetic justice for birds, the behemoth sea of mirrors has been dealt a taste of its own medicine. The plant has been partially shut down due to part of the facility bursting into flames as a result of misaligned mirrors. The giant mirrors reflect sunlight at scorching temperatures (just ask any passing bird) towards one of three massive “boiler towers.” Last Thursday one of the towers caughtRead More →


Now that the federal government is once again suing one of its own states for passing laws it doesn’t like, add to that President King Obama’s issuance of a decree concerning transgender access to bathrooms in America’s schools and the subject of who may use which facilities is firmly in the national conscience. Lost in the discussion over reproductive organs are two far more serious issues, that of state’s rights –can a state pass its own laws or does Big Brother Washington D.C. run and control everything; and what should be the biggest concern of all —THE PROTECTION OF CHILDREN. Here’s the thing that you’reRead More →

Barack Obama has appointed a man who identifies as a woman to serve on his Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships. Earlier this year we learned about Dr. Richard Levine, a man who ‘identifies as a woman’ as Pennsylvania’s new Physician General. Not to be outdone by a state, the Obama administration has kicked things up a notch with the appointment of a cross-dressing, gender-bending man of its own, but perhaps what’s more surprising than the “who” part of the appointment is the “to what.” Last Thursday the White House announced that the National LGBTQ Task Force’sBarbara Satin has been appointed to serve on PresidentRead More →